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Time away from school is generally welcome. But recently things have become a bit more complicated as academic institutions closed their gates early, exams were put on hold or cancelled and most students were sent home with online coursework and lesson plans to be given by mum and dad.  It’s a lot to take in …


Teen Breathe Issue 18

Ever commented snarkily on an Instagram post only immediately to regret it or shared personal details with ‘all’ instead of just one trusted friend? Join the queue. Dozens of people hit ‘send’ every day on posts or messages that come back to haunt them. Most do it in the heat of the moment, not thinking …

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Teen Breathe Issue 17

More time to chill out, a deeper understanding of other cultures’ traditions, a passion for study that equals (or is at least close to) concern for the environment, an infinite supply of mini-marshmallows. Life can be enriched in many ways and, luckily, it rarely requires massive changes, big gestures or material gains. Often, it’s personal. …

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Teen Breathe Issue 16

What does success mean? Landing the lead in the school play? Coming first in the 200m? Having the widest circle of friends? Uh-oh… does it always have to equal coming out on top? Let’s hope not. Otherwise, most people in the world have failed (and that includes everyone here at Teen Breathe). Actually, there’s no …

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Teen Breathe Issue 15

Cool trainers? Check. Smartest phone? Check. Zooshiest bag? Check. Attitude? Double-check. Popularity status assured? ‘Fraid not. Why? Well, firstly, it takes more than a tick-list to guarantee anything (hard work’s normally involved, too).  But popularity, in particular, is a hazy concept. Its edges and terms change as often as the direction of the wind – …

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Teen Breathe Issue 14

Who makes the big, life-changing decisions in your house? And how do they reach them? In many families, there’ll be a discussion about any significant changes – be that moving house, switching jobs or having another baby – before they happen. Sometimes this won’t be the case and it might feel the pattern of your …

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Teen Breathe Issue 13

Teen Breathe Issue 13

School’s out for summer, which means you can finally put those textbooks away. So what to do now? How about sleep late, watch TV, chill out? When you’ve been working hard and need some time off, these can sound pretty appealing. But if you want to make your summer the greatest ever, it may be …

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Teen Breathe Issue 12

Teen Breathe Issue 12

What makes a person really stand out? Straight As? Sporting success? Stylish clothes (whatever they are)? For some, maybe. For many others, it’s someone’s ability to listen and empathise without judging or feeling the need to broadcast other people’s personal issues to the rest of the class. It sounds simple, yet it’s anything but, which …

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Teen Breathe Issue 11

Teen Breathe Issue 11

‘You’re too young, you won’t understand.’ How many times have you heard that statement? For some parents and guardians, it can be a safe (if super annoying) reply to a question they feel needs a more considered response, while others might struggle to know how to answer in an appropriate way. When you’ve reached a …

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Teen Breathe Issue 10

Teen Breathe – Issue 10

What do caring, committed and creative have in common? Yes, they all begin with C (that’s just Teen Breathe crowbarring in some awful alliteration). But beyond that they’re three of the top qualities to be found in people who take the lead. There are many others: fairness, respect and honesty are another important trio. And …

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