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Teen Breathe Issue 9

Teen Breathe – Issue 9

Tomorrow, next week, next month: it’s easy to put off for another day a task that, well, just doesn’t appeal that much or seems so daunting that even thinking about it can make you feel ill. The trouble is, delaying jobs – AKA procrastinating – tends to make them even less attractive and a lot …

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Teen Breathe Issue 8

Teen Breathe – Issue 8

Ever feel out of place or awkward – the only one not nodding their head when everyone else loudly agrees that the latest Marvel movie is simply the best yet; not laughing when the class comedian cracks what everyone else seems to think is an award-winning joke; not interested in what celebrities are wearing? Does …

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Teen Breathe Issue 7

Teen Breathe – Issue 7

Everything’s buzzing right now. The sun’s out, the sky’s blue, suitcases are being packed and picnic hampers (or rucksacks) are being loaded with goodies to eat, games to play and books to read. As far as Teen Breathe is concerned, summer – apart from the pesky wasps who gatecrash the party – is bliss. But …

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Teen Breathe Issue 6

Teen Breathe – Issue 6

How many times a day do you say sorry – once, less than 10, more than 20? Brits are famous (or should that be notorious?) for apologising, especially when they haven’t done anything wrong. It mostly stems from a desire to be polite, consideration for others and to take responsibility for mistakes or unintended hurts. …

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Teen Breathe Issue 5

Teen Breathe – Issue 5

How are you feeling now – right at this moment? Happy, sad, angry, calm, worried, carefree? It could be all of these emotions (and more). Now try thinking about how you feel about them and whether – and how long – you imagine each one might last. There’ll be times when sadness seems so overwhelming …

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Teen Breathe Issue 4

Teen Breathe – Issue 4

Look up at the sky and it’s easy to feel small and insignificant. On a clear night it’s filled with an array of stars while during the day it’s a shifting scene as clouds of all shapes, sizes and mood come and go. Either way, it’s an awesome sight to behold. It can be a …

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Teen Breathe Issue 3

Teen Breathe – Issue 3

2018. Do you have your resolutions ready? They might be to improve your fitness, learn a new skill, study harder. All worthwhile intentions, but sometimes they can give you the feeling you’re not enough yet, that you can be more, do more, get more. Remember that whatever you try to achieve this new year – …

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Teen Breathe Issue 2

Teen Breathe – Issue 2

Here at Teen Breathe, we try to get everything 100 per cent right and can feel anxious when things don’t turn out as we’d hoped. In short, we get a bit stressed. The thing is, this is normal. But it shouldn’t cause sleepless nights, headaches or panic. If it does – and you wouldn’t be …

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Teen Breathe 1

Teen Breathe – Issue 1

Here at Teen Breathe, following in the footsteps of our older sibling, Breathe, we believe it forms the basis of a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life. And we’re putting you centre stage. From social media to sport and making friends to making flowers, we’ll have tips, exercises and ideas to help you explore how paying …

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