Teen Breathe

Teen Breathe – Issue 8

Ever feel out of place or awkward – the only one not nodding their head when everyone else loudly agrees that the latest Marvel movie is simply the best yet; not laughing when the class comedian cracks what everyone else seems to think is an award-winning joke; not interested in what celebrities are wearing? Does all this not-quite-getting-it make you feel weird?

You won’t be the only one if you’ve answered yes, even though you might feel quite alone with your thoughts. It isn’t always a nice place to be, but it’s not as unusual as you might think. Everyone’s different, after all – it’s what makes life interesting.

It also makes for a more beautiful, inclusive and welcoming world – one of rainbows, autumnal sunsets and (now it’s chillier again) cosy jumpers and warm boots. The great outdoors, of course, won’t be everyone’s cup of hot chocolate. But this time of year’s also perfect for cosy nights in, either with friends or on your own, which is the best opportunity to down text books and be happy in your own weird but perfectly wonderful company.

Here at Teen Breathe we call it sweet solitude.

Teen Breathe Issue 8 spreads