Teen Breathe


Inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of places. It might be from a TV programme you usually find boring but have sat down to watch this one time with your parents. You might find it in the last few pages of a long book you’ve spent ages reading. Or even from an off-the-cuff remark made by a friend in the queue for lunch. 

While creativity can originate from anywhere and anything, the trouble often comes when trying to tune into these ideas. The key is to practise being present in the moment and open to whatever the world brings next.

One way to do this is by bringing your full awareness to your surroundings. For example, going for a walk and really observing everything on your path, remembering to look above and below eye level while also paying attention to what’s directly in front of you. 

There are many benefits to bringing a wider sense of creativity into your everyday. As well as a sense of pride and achievement from learning new skills, there’s the realisation that making mistakes is part and parcel of life, and a greater awareness that while things won’t always go to plan it is possible to adapt to unexpected changes. 

Best of all, these positive feelings can help to boost mental wellbeing. So step out today, keep your eyes and ears open, and allow the creative sparks to come to you.