Teen Breathe


Would you describe yourself as courageous? If not, why? Because you haven’t performed a standout heroic deed? Join the queue.

Thankfully, very few people will ever have to face the prospect of diving into stormy waters to save a young child or running into a burning building to rescue an older relative. But courage isn’t only found in those who risk life and limb for others or who perform daredevil feats.

It’s in everyone who stays true to themselves, whether that’s trying out a dance class no one else is interested in, wearing pink when everyone else is in black, or listening to Schubert as the rest of the class rave about Stormzy.

Courage is also crucial for those who do things a little differently from the tribe, this could take the form of learning in an alternative way or seeing that the path to their goal looks pretty bumpy, but setting off on it anyway.

In fact, this virtue is often most evident when people step forward, open their heart and share their feelings of self-doubt and vulnerability. This is heroic. And it’s also human. Importantly, it helps us all to remember we have inner reserves of strength that we underestimate.

Whether it’s called courage, bravery, pluck or even fearlessness, the opportunities to develop and nurture this trait are there every day. The chances are you’re already doing it, but haven’t seen your efforts for what they are or given yourself enough credit for the courage you’ve shown. Still agree with your earlier answer?