Teen Breathe


Not knowing what comes next can be daunting. In these uncertain times, how can you make plans for the future when you’re not even sure what’ll be happening next month? Why bother setting goals when life can throw you a curveball and derail everything?

But this shouldn’t make you feel like you have less control or fewer choices. In fact, some would argue that not knowing could mean greater potential – a clean canvas on which to make your mark – as old ways fall aside to make way for new possibilities.

Visualising your ambitions becoming a reality, without limiting your imagination, can help to shift that ‘I can’t’ mindset to one where you truly believe ‘I can!’ And opening up to someone about your hopes and any  fears you have can be a good way to get guidance  and support.

At first thought, speaking to a parent or guardian about what you want out of life may sound like a recipe for disaster (and be a bit scary). They might have a different idea about what’s best for your future or show little interest in the things you feel are important. This doesn’t, however, mean they don’t care about what you want (or that they don’t love you).

There’s no perfect time to start such a conversation, but if an opportunity presents itself, try not to get cold feet. Remember everyone has a right to their own opinion (and yours is just as valid); your passions and talents are worth defending; and the calmer you can keep the more likely you are to reach an understanding. Good luck!

Cover illustration by Sophie Minto.