Ways to cope

Coronavirus: ways to cope

The idea of time away from school is often seen as a holiday, or bonus – but right now, things are a bit more complex than that. Staying at home is coming with a side order of study and homework – added to which there’s little scope for having face-to-face fun with friends, since time outside …

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Teen Breathe Issue 18

Ever commented snarkily on an Instagram post only immediately to regret it or shared personal details with ‘all’ instead of just one trusted friend? Join the queue. Dozens of people hit ‘send’ every day on posts or messages that come back to haunt them. Most do it in the heat of the moment, not thinking …

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Teen Breathe Issue 17

More time to chill out, a deeper understanding of other cultures’ traditions, a passion for study that equals (or is at least close to) concern for the environment, an infinite supply of mini-marshmallows. Life can be enriched in many ways and, luckily, it rarely requires massive changes, big gestures or material gains. Often, it’s personal. …

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