Teen Breathe


After a long period of upheaval and now with a few more indications of going back to normal – yet with the future still as uncertain as ever – it’s no wonder that things feel a little… weird. 

Even more so when it comes to interacting with friends and family – some may be en route to ‘normality’, while others might be displaying signs of unease and still be following old, perfectly valid habits. 

Whether you align yourself more with one end of the spectrum or are slap-bang in the middle with your thinking, being surrounded by all these different attitudes can affect how you see things and leave you confused.  

With all this threatening to cloud your judgment, it’s necessary to take control when you can by looking inwards at your own values and staying authentically
true to yourself – regardless of the outside chatter. 

If you do feel as though you’re losing some sense of yourself, there are things you can do to help, including breathing exercises, journalling or shifting perspective. But most importantly make sure to reach out. Whatever ‘normality’ is right now, no one has to go it alone.

Cover illustration by Sophie Minto.