Teen Breathe

Teen Breathe Summer Special

Summer. Long stretches of endless days lie ahead – with infinite potential but also limitations. It can bring a heightened awareness of the differences between you and your peers, especially with more time to scroll through seemingly endless posts about adventurous exploits or new purchases of the latest must-have gadgets or trainers.

Unfortunately life isn’t equal, which isn’t an excuse for unfairness but means that for now, while much of it is out of your control, it’s important to know how to feel content in your own situation.

Focusing inwards on your own interests, skills and values is a good place to start and can guide your energy in a more helpful direction. Taking a break from or being more mindful of limitless scrolling is another idea to stop yourself from inadvertently comparing yourself to others.

But there are other forms of escapism. A good book, podcast, playlist or even an all-engrossing pastime is a great way to stop your mind from overthinking and give it a much-needed break. And it doesn’t have to be a solo activity – it could be a chance to spend more time with a close friend, especially if you’re trying something new. It will give you even more things to talk about, to laugh about and to remember.

This summer, think about fostering connections with your nearest and dearest – and that includes yourself.

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