Teen Breathe


In this issue: Here comes the sun – On the spur of the moment – Careless whisper – Sit with it – Too much of a good thing? – Shine bright – Play to your strengths – Brave new workout

Learning about how you and your mind work is useful for navigating your way through life. Once you understand what’s driving your choices and ways of being, the chances are you’ll learn how to be kinder and more compassionate to yourself.

You may also find it easier to avoid self-doubt and fear of other people’s judgments when making decisions, basing them instead on what you genuinely want and think is best.

Pinpointing what’s behind thoughts and actions isn’t always simple. Your behaviour is often determined by ideas about yourself or the world that are buried deep in your subconscious. You might avoid sharing your successes, for example, because you’re nervous about being criticised. Or you might be afraid to ask for support or feel thwarted by the complexities of friendships.

All these concerns are natural and more common than you might realise. But you can learn to work through them – and they don’t have to be a barrier to living life to the full. In fact, recognising your own patterns without self-criticism can help you to connect more deeply with others, increase your ability to empathise and help you to appreciate the many sides to every story.

Seeing yourself clearly also helps you to recognise what makes you feel good. So, think about the things you love and make room for them whenever you can, whether that’s playing games with friends, walking on the beach or feeling the first light of dawn on your face.

Cover Illustration: Laura Lhuillier