Teen Breathe

Teen Breathe Issue 17

More time to chill out, a deeper understanding of other cultures’ traditions, a passion for study that equals (or is at least close to) concern for the environment, an infinite supply of mini-marshmallows. Life can be enriched in many ways and, luckily, it rarely requires massive changes, big gestures or material gains.

Often, it’s personal. It’s about self-kindness, trying to embrace rather than beat yourself up about perceived imperfections, and not letting self-doubt and a fear of failure stop you taking the first step towards new and exciting opportunities.

Life is also enhanced by putting yourself into others’ shoes and seeing the world from their viewpoint. Empathy can be tricky – it doesn’t mean there’ll be agreement all-round – but it brings a broader appreciation of varied cultures and the chance to explore what we have in common rather than what sets us apart.

It seems especially important now to put aside differences and work together to take greater care of our precious planet, which naturally enriches everyone’s lives. Self-kindness, empathy (and maybe mini-marshmallows) can only help us on the way.