Teen Breathe

Teen Breathe Issue 12

What makes a person really stand out? Straight As? Sporting success? Stylish clothes (whatever they are)? For some, maybe. For many others, it’s someone’s ability to listen and empathise without judging or feeling the need to broadcast other people’s personal issues to the rest of the class.

It sounds simple, yet it’s anything but, which is why those students who have it – the confidantes in life – shine so brightly. It makes them the go-to friend when worries and insecurities strike. You can trust them to be kind, loyal and discreet while also feeling confident that they won’t dismiss your concerns as trivial.

They’re the kind of person you can talk to about anything, from revision woes to feeling nervous about sleepovers. Because they, like you, know that everyone’s different (and that the thought of staying at friends’ homes could equal dread as well as excitement).

Life as a confidante, though, isn’t straightforward. It’s wonderful to listen and to care, but it’s also vital to remember to look after your own physical and emotional needs. A confidante is only human, after all, and you’re allowed to offload too.

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