Teen Breathe

Teen Breathe Issue 11

‘You’re too young, you won’t understand.’ How many times have you heard that statement? For some parents and guardians, it can be a safe (if super annoying) reply to a question they feel needs a more considered response, while others might struggle to know how to answer in an appropriate way. When you’ve reached a level of maturity where you can understand complex situations, however, it can be frustrating to feel you’re being fobbed off with a glib reply.

So, if you have a tricky question, be smart. Think about what you’d like to know – you could explore it through writing, drawing or even penning your own song lyrics. Then choose the right time (preferably not when your mum’s rushing out the door to work), pick a safe space, be respectful, calm and patient, and, if they veer off-track, bring them back to what you want to know.

Of course, that could be anything, from how to cope with the death of a loved one to Brexit to figuring out ways to protect the environment. The important thing is that if you’re mature enough, then you will understand the answer, even if it’s complicated.

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