Teen Breathe

Teen Breathe – Issue 10

What do caring, committed and creative have in common? Yes, they all begin with C (that’s just Teen Breathe crowbarring in some awful alliteration). But beyond that they’re three of the top qualities to be found in people who take the lead.

There are many others: fairness, respect and honesty are another important trio. And the last of these – honesty – isn’t just about not telling lies or exaggerating. It’s about being able to admit mistakes, to learn from them and to move on.

It might sound scary (and it is, a little) but smart leaders realise that to do the job well, whether it’s being deputy head girl or directing a movie, they need to have people’s trust. Being able to put their hands up and say ‘I was wrong’ is part of this, as is being a bit brave and 100 per cent committed to doing their best.

Of course, not everyone chooses to be in charge, but if a leading role comes your way, try not to be daunted. Remember no one’s perfect (or needs to be); everyone makes mistakes; there are many different styles of leadership (it’s not all shouty and bossy); and your team will respect your hard work, honesty and help.

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