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How to cope with a panic attack

What do panic attacks feel like? Imagine you’re out with friends and they decide to go to a funfair. You can’t explain why, but you just don’t feel like going. A sense of unease increases as you approach the crowd. Once there, the noise and lights become overwhelming, you begin to sweat and feel sick. …

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Everyday inspiration for creativity

When you think of creativity, you might picture an artist at work on a big project. Perhaps you imagine someone spending hours painting a canvas, crafting a beautiful pot out of clay or composing a powerful piece of poetry.While these can all be worthwhile and enjoyable pursuits, there are many smaller-scale creative activities that easily …

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Loving kindness exercise

How do you do a loving kindness visualisation? Follow these 10 steps: You can read more articles in the latest issue of Teen Breathe magazine.

How to lose graciously

With competition comes the possibility of losing. And, let’s face it, no one likes to lose, whether it’s at a board game or a sports match. But why does losing sting so much and how can it be handled better? Why losing is frustrating Picture this. You’ve just lost the final match of the football …

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What’s your study style?

What’s my learning style? Have you ever wondered how a classmate seems to pick up information after hearing it once, while you zone out if you have to listen for too long? Or maybe you enjoy creating colourful mind maps for revision, while your friend finds them confusing. If this is the case, you’ve likely …

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How to grow microgreens

What are microgreens? Microgreens, or sprouting seeds, are the little league of grow-your-own. These immature vegetables and herbs are harvested and eaten at the seedling stage. And because they’re not meant to grow into adult plants, they don’t need hours of sunlight or careful tending to grow well. In fact, they’re the ultimate in fast …

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