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Handmade with love

With many people out festive shopping at the moment, it’s a good reminder that there are events and celebrations throughout the year that could be made more eco-friendly Many presents come wrapped in or are made of plastic. But with a little creativity, it’s easy and fun to come up with alternatives. Read on to …

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looking ahead

Looking ahead

Angela Burnett reads ‘Looking ahead’, as featured in issue 26 of Teen Breathe. Words: Samhita Foria. Illustration: Nicky Paton. Audio production: Ros Gihan Williams @ londonvideoproductions.co.uk Subscribe to Teen Breathe

Relationships after lockdown

Reconnecting relationships

The phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is rather apt after the disruptions of the past year. But as many embark on the road back to normality and start to reconnect with friends in person, there might also be worries that things won’t immediately feel the same as before.  That’s because losing regular face-to-face …

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Listening Differently

Learning differently

Angela Burnett reads ‘Learning differently’, as featured in issue 24 of Teen Breathe. Words: Vicky H Bourne. Illustration: Silvia Stecher. Audio production: Ros Gihan Williams @ londonvideoproductions.co.uk

results day

Results Day with a difference

August is holiday time. A month to put your tools down and your feet up, to relax, to go for walks and enjoy carefree days with friends. For many, however, it also brings anxiety because August equals Results Day. And this could mean elation, relief, surprise, confusion, disappointment – a whole mixed bag of feelings, …

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Back to school

Back to school – with a difference

After a long summer holiday – or even after a shorter break – it’s not uncommon to feel nervous about going back to school. There may be fears that friendships will have moved on, uncertainty about what new teachers and classroom dynamics will be like and even concerns over workload, lesson difficulty and group try-outs. …

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Thank you kindness

Thanks for everything…

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and this year’s theme is Kindness. It’s never been more important to promote the message of good mental health for all, look out for one another and stay connected. So what kind thing could you do today? Any act of kindness, however small it may seem, can have …

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Ways to cope

Coronavirus: ways to cope

The idea of time away from school is often seen as a holiday, or bonus – but right now, things are a bit more complex than that. Staying at home is coming with a side order of study and homework – added to which there’s little scope for having face-to-face fun with friends, since time outside …

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Whose side are you on?

Being part of a group of close-knit friends is great fun… until a couple of your mates fall out and you’re stuck in the middle of their squabbling. When two people you care about argue, it can put you in a difficult situation and place an enormous amount of pressure on you. But there are …

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