Ways to cope

Coronavirus: ways to cope

The idea of time away from school is often seen as a holiday, or bonus – but right now, things are a bit more complex than that. Staying at home is coming with a side order of study and homework – added to which there’s little scope for having face-to-face fun with friends, since time outside …

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Whose side are you on?

Being part of a group of close-knit friends is great fun… until a couple of your mates fall out and you’re stuck in the middle of their squabbling. When two people you care about argue, it can put you in a difficult situation and place an enormous amount of pressure on you. But there are …

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Create a self-care kit

In need of a little pampering? Everyone likes to feel good, but when life’s busy you can easily overlook the importance of giving yourself some tender loving care. By having your own self-care kit, filled with items that nurture, inspire and uplift you, you’re taking responsibility for your happiness and wellbeing. You’ll have instant access …

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A new, improved you!

Some view the new school year with dread while others relish the prospect. Either way, it’s good to reflect on what went well over the past 12 months and what you could do better Reflect on the past Look back at the previous year and consider what went well for you and what would have …

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Awareness Meditation

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for at least 10 minutes. Lie down on the floor. Place a cushion under your head. Next, position your palms on your lower belly, resting them there comfortably without tension. Now close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly. Feel your belly move up and down …

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Better Body Image

This year, Mental Health Awareness Week (13–19th May) focuses on a theme that affects (or has affected) most people at some point in their life: how they see themselves when they look in the mirror. Body image issues are a common problem in a society that promotes unrealistic body ideals – but this week, the …

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Top 5 Inspiring Women Under 30

Today is International Women’s Day, so let’s celebrate women’s achievements by better understanding how they changed the world. Brave and bold women have played a part in changing history for the women who came after them, and today, they are the reason young women can dream big and feel able to follow those dreams. Teen …

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New year, new chances teen breathe

New Year, New Chances

Have you ever wondered why New Year resolutions don’t seem to stick? Here’s an invitation to scrap the traditional resolution setting and do it a different way, one that involves mindfulness, creativity and wellbeing. The dawning of a new year presents a precious moment to pause, reassess where you are in your life and prepare …

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Teen Breathe choose respect

Choose Respect

As part of Anti-Bullying week, Teen Breathe is encouraging everyone to stand up and Choose Respect Imagine feeling too scared to go to school every day because you fear the horrible things that are going to happen. Will you get kicked? Will your money be taken off you? Will you be pushed around and subjected …

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