Teen Breathe Special

Teen Breathe Summer Special

Summer. Long stretches of endless days lie ahead – with infinite potential but also limitations. It can bring a heightened awareness of the differences between you and your peers, especially with more time to scroll through seemingly endless posts about adventurous exploits or new purchases of the latest must-have gadgets or trainers. Unfortunately life isn’t …

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Earth-saving acts green teen breathe

Earth-Saving Acts for Eco Warriors

This special edition is aimed at the new eco-conscious generation who are keen to help build a more sustainable future. The title features a wide range of ideas for budding activists, including simple ways to reduce CO2 emissions, combat climate change at school and make a difference in the community. Purchase your copy here.

Teen Breathe Issue 16

What does success mean? Landing the lead in the school play? Coming first in the 200m? Having the widest circle of friends? Uh-oh… does it always have to equal coming out on top? Let’s hope not. Otherwise, most people in the world have failed (and that includes everyone here at Teen Breathe). Actually, there’s no …

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Teen Breathe Issue 13

Teen Breathe Issue 13

School’s out for summer, which means you can finally put those textbooks away. So what to do now? How about sleep late, watch TV, chill out? When you’ve been working hard and need some time off, these can sound pretty appealing. But if you want to make your summer the greatest ever, it may be …

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Be Kind

Be Kind

Any act of kindness, however small, can have a far-reaching effect. Be Kind inspires teenagers to treat others and themselves with respect, compassion and care. Covering a range of topics, from identifying your strengths and accepting flaws to letting go of negative thoughts and being grateful for what you have, it shows how being kind can make …

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Be Happy cover

Be Happy

Happiness can come from a thousand different things and that deep feeling of joy and contentment that comes with being okay with who and what you are can sometimes be elusive. Be Happy helps teenagers to focus on all the positives in their life, to set goals and discover their passion. From navigating friendships and social media …

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Be Calm cover

Be Calm

Learning to deal with the stresses of today’s modern world is a vital life skill. Exams, peer pressure, social media, the constant demands to be more, do more, get more – it’s no wonder teenagers can sometimes feel overwhelmed. Be Calm gives teens creative ways to manage anxieties and stay cool when times are tough, encouraging them …

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Be Brave cover

Be Brave

Bravery isn’t about being fearless – it’s about recognising when you’re scared and finding the courage to face those fears. Covering every topic from dealing with gossip and cyberbullies to resisting peer pressure and mastering public speaking, Be Brave shows teens how to begin to build self-confidence and resilience, gently encouraging them to believe in themselves and …

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Teen Breathe Inspiring Women cover

Inspiring Women

Teen Breathe launched this Inspiring Women Special to mark 100 years since the first women won the vote. Filled with incredible stories and creative exercises, we hope it encourages young women to walk in the shoes of history’s greatest female role models, to understand the challenges they faced and be inspired to overcome their own …

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